November, 2014

Selected Piano Works of John Nilsen, Volume 2, includes ten pieces of music from previous John Nilsen recordings.

Song Titles


  1. Holding Her High
  2. Understand It's All For You
  3. Wishing I Had Wings
  4. Mexico Azul
  5. Eastern Poem
  6. The Gift of Love
  7. The Quiet of Confluence
  8. Only Where You Are
  9. In The Beginning
  10. Quiet Winter Revisited

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Oct. 30, 2012

Wild Rose, the heralded new CD from John Nilsen, was released Tuesday.  Wild Rose features ten John Nilsen guitar/vocal and piano compositions, each recorded with a different combination of stellar Portland, Oregon based musicians and co-produced by Bob Stark and John Nilsen.  This project is bound to be a Nilsen classic.

Song Titles

  1. Aberdeen
  2. If You Tell Me So
  3. Omaha
  4. Don't Stay Too Long
  5. Little Sailor
  6. Sleep Seven Seas
  7. Right Here Anyway
  8. Where No One Steers
  9. Due In Memphis
  10. Who's Driving Home


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